Cord Rainbow Embroidery Kit with Instructions and Photos

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Cord Rainbow Embroidery Kit with Instructions

This fun design is great to cosy up in front of the tv with, or whilst listening to your favourite music or podcast, and create a beautiful piece of art for yourself.

This pattern has been created for a beginner with a basic understanding of embroidery. With the Free Guide included, you should be able to follow along with this pattern!

The design is made to fit perfectly in the 4" embroidery hoop that is provided in the kit, but can be adjusted depending on how large you would like to stitch it. It would also look beautiful in a hoop, on a tote bag or t-shirt, or it can made for a beautifully embroidered gift.

This kit comes in different variations depending on what you would like with your kit.

    The Standard Embroidery Kit includes:

    • Embroidery hoop
    • Two squares of calico fabric (best used together to create a strong background for your piece of art)
    • A circle of calico fabric to back the hoop
    • 3 bobbins of DMC embroidery thread
    • 3 cord lengths cut to size
    • Large eye embroidery needle (for easy threading)

    Upgrade your kit for just £8 to include £12 worth of supplies:

    Each kit also includes 1 PDF downloadable file. In this PDF Download you will receive:

    • A black and white outline of the pattern that can be traced onto fabric.

    You will also receive a FREE incorporated Beginners Guide to Embroidery, which explores:

    • What you need to get started
    • What fabric to use
    • How to transfer your pattern
    • How to start and end your thread
    • How to load, and also back/finish your hoop
    • Instructions (with photographs) of how to complete the hoop from start to finish.

    Have the materials already and just want the PDF Pattern? Click here!

    You will receive step-by-step instructions for how to complete this exact pattern, and the free guide is sufficient for you to be able to complete the pattern.

    If there is a certain element of the pattern that you are struggling with, please do get in touch! I am happy to help!

    We would love to see your completed design! Please tag us on Instagram under @MindfulMantra_Embroidery!

    This kit is for personal use only. Please do not sell the kit, pattern or finished piece.


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