Plastic Floss Bobbins and Split Ring

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Plastic Floss Bobbins and Split Ring

Thread organisation and storage is an absolute MUST in embroidery! With over 500 DMC thread colours to collect, it's easy for threads to get tangled, knotted and misplaced during your projects!

Personally, I store all of my threads on plastic floss bobbins, and organise them in accordance with their colour in a storage box. Slight anal? Maybe. But I find it easy to find the threads I'm looking for this way!


What about when working on a project?

If you're like me and tend to work on more than one project at a time, putting your current colour palette on a split ring is a great way to keep your threads organised between each project.  

There are 4 options in this listing:

  • 25 Plastic Floss Bobbins
  • 25 Plastic Floss Bobbins + 5cm Split Ring
  • 50 Plastic Floss Bobbins
  • 50 Plastic Floss Bobbins + 5cm Split Ring

*Embroidery Thread Not Included*