Fabric Bundles - 50cm x 50cm

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Robert Kaufman Fabric Bundles - 50cm x 50cm

Even though calico fabric is my absolute favourite go-to fabric for hand embroidery, I also love using Robert Kaufman Essex Blend fabrics! I have used this fabric in some of my embroidery patterns and embroidery kits, and it is tried and tested by me (and lots of other embroiderers!)

They are 55% linen 45% cotton, making the fabric the perfect weave and weight to produce intricate and precise embroidery stitches, and are perfect for beginners. It creates a gorgeous colourful backdrop to your embroidered pieces, and can be really versatile! 

The fabric is slightly lightweight, and I personally prefer to double up fabric when embroidering. I recommend using Calico Fabric as a second layer to your projects, as it is slightly cheaper and makes your Kaufman fabric last longer! 

Each bundle includes 3 gorgeous colours of Robert Kaufman Essex Blend Fabric, pre-cut into 50cm x 50cm squares. The colours included in each bundle are listed below:

Neutral Fabric Bundle

Leather - 50cm x 50cm

Sand - 50cm x 50cm

Natural - 50cm x 50cm


Pinks Fabric Bundle

Rose - 50cm x 50cm

Peach - 50cm x 50cm

Linen - 50cm x 50cm


Rustic Fabric Bundle

Champagne - 50cm x 50cm

Taupe - 50cm x 50cm

Sandalwood - 50cm x 50cm


Want to try a sample of each of the 9 colours listed above? See the Fabric Swatches for 25cm x 25cm squares of each colour fabric.