October 28, 2021

Embrace Autumn with 5 Creative Projects from Mindful Mantra Embroidery

By Sophie Timms
Embrace Autumn with 5 Creative Projects from Mindful Mantra Embroidery

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I don’t know about you guys, but autumn is one of my all-time favourite seasons. There’s something about the cold crisp air, the crunch of brown and rust coloured leaves underneath your feet when you take a walk, and the smell of warm coffee in the morning.

I’m absolutely here for it, and because I get most of my inspiration from the things around me, I tend to stitch a lot of autumnal things in a lot of autumnal colours.


So, to get you in the stitchy autumn/fall spirit, I’ve collated some of my favourite PDF embroidery patterns from our shop so that you can feel autumnal with us!


First up we have our classic Pumpkin Falls hoop. This one incorporates all things autumn, including pumpkins, acorns, toadstool mushrooms, flowers and autumn leaves. This pattern is great for beginners or intermediate stitchers alike, because like all patterns from Mindful Mantra Embroidery, it comes with a FREE Beginner’s Guide to help you get started!



Second is this floral pattern, Auburn, stitched using a bunch of autumnal colours! This one uses a variety of different stitches for you to learn so it’s a great varied piece to practice some stitches.

It is also part of a 3-piece collection, meaning you can stitch 3 varied designs using the exact same colours, meaning you only need to make one trip to the craft store!



Okay, this one isn’t strictly an autumnal piece of embroidery, but loadssss of you guys on our social media say that this one reminds you of fall! Because of that, it seems only fair to include it in this list. The Blooming Beauty pattern is also part of a 3-piece collection which can be bought individually or as a set!



Fourth is one of the newer patterns in the shop, the But First Coffee pattern. This one is definitely our close favourite as it combines some of our favourite things – autumn colours, coffee and florals! This one uses a lot of satin stitch, so is perfect if you want to perfect your satin stitching. 




Last but not least is the mini Pumpkin Flowers embroidery pattern. This one is a super cute pumpkin, because what’s autumn without a couple of pumpkins thrown here and there, and some autumn coloured flowers. Because really, it wouldn’t be Mindful Mantra Embroidery without some flowers!



This is also one of the designs that features in our Autumn Fallin’ Stick and Stitch packs which can be found here.


Now if you were struggling to find some autumn stitchy goodness I’m sure you’ll find something here to get you started! Each pattern comes with the FREE Beginner’s Guide and Stitch Instructions PDF document, meaning all of these are perfect for beginners or intermediate stitchers alike.


Feel free to tag us on Instagram with your creations at @mindfulmantra_embroidery or use the hashtag #mindfulmantraembroiderypatterns


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