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  • Stitch the Toadstool House Embroidery Pattern With Me!

    Stitch the Toadstool House Embroidery Pattern With Me!
    Autumn is my absolute favourite season – I love the tricolours of leaves and crunchy forest walks, feeling the crisp air on my cheeks.

    I equally love that it’s finally acceptable to put on my favourite cosy jumper, make a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, wrap up in a blanket and sit embroidering or reading on the sofa!

    But I also love the creativity I feel at this time of year.

    Autumnal colours and designs are my fave – queue the pumpkins, toadstools and rusty orange vibes!!

    This month’s pattern for the Bloom Embroidery Academy was no exception. Here’s a little peek at Toadstool House that just dropped in the Academy!
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  • How I Find Inspiration for My Embroidery Designs

    How I Find Inspiration for My Embroidery Designs
    Inspiration is everywhere my friend. You may not think it, but you can gain inspiration from pretty much anywhere, anyone and anything!

    And, you’ve probably already guessed where this is going, but you need to be inspired by something in order to create your own embroidery designs. They don’t just come out of thin air, you know!

    At least not most of the time!

    As an experienced embroiderer with 3 years under her belt, I’m going to share with you my personal journey of inspiration, and what inspires me when I sit down to create.
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  • Daily Habits to Encourage Creativity

    Daily Habits to Encourage Creativity
    Now, I’ll be honest here, I’m not a huge routine gal. My friends and family find this quite bizarre about me, because truthfully, I would rather jump off a cliff than do a set thing at the same time each day.

    Dramatic, I know (sorry).

    But, that aside, I am trying to foster a very loose ‘routine’ in the mornings. I find that when I decompress in the mornings, I generally have a more productive, creative day.

    And who doesn’t want more creativity in their lives, huh?

    Nurture that creativity with me, my friend! Here’s the daily habits I’m starting to implement into my daily ‘routine’.
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  • Top Tips for Embroidering on Denim

    Top Tips for Embroidering on Denim
    Denim is a staple to any wardrobe, whether it’s jeans, jackets, shirts or even skirts! It is also a super durable fabric which means these pieces of clothing are sure to last a lifetime!

    So, if you’re looking to give your denim pieces a bit of an upcycle, or you want to make them stand out a little bit more, then adding your own embroidery is the perfect way to do it!

    However, because of the nature of the hardy fabric, it does come with its’ challenges.

    Let’s dive in to the what, the why and the how, so that you can get started personalising your clothes!
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  • How to Overcome Beginner Embroidery Challenges

    How to Overcome Beginner Embroidery Challenges
    Wherever you are in your embroidery journey, you’re bound to experience some challenges along the way. More so if you’re a beginner, but even experienced and advanced embroiderers will encounter many a challenge!

    However, beginners are more likely to feel overwhelmed and then give up their craft as a result, before trying to leap over the hurdles.

    But I don’t want you to give this up my friend! So if you’re reading this and thinking ‘yup, that’s me!’, then let’s explore some common challenges and how to conquer them!
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  • Why Embroidery is More Than Just a Finished Product

    Why Embroidery is More Than Just a Finished Product
    Embroidery is a hobby and a craft that goes way beyond just simply creating beautiful designs. It is so much more than a finished piece that you can hang on the wall or prop on the shelf!

    In my world of embroidery, it is not just about the destination, but more about the journey. I don’t know about you, but I loveeeee the relaxing, meditative process that comes behind the finished piece. It’s all about savouring the slow progress and finding solace in every stitch.
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