Calico Fabric - 50cm x 50cm

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Calico Fabric Fat Quarter - 50cm x 50cm

Calico fabric is my absolute favourite go-to fabric for hand embroidery. It is the fabric used in almost all of my embroidery patterns and embroidery kits, and is tried and tested by me!

It is the perfect weave and weight to produce intricate and precise embroidery stitches, making it perfect for beginners. It creates a lovely neutral backdrop to your embroidered pieces, and can be really versatile! It also has slight flecks of different colours throughout the weave, making it look more neutral and natural.

As it is also quite lightweight, it's ideal to use as a second layer with other fabrics to prevent seeing the stitches through your embroidered piece!

Please Note: Whenever I use calico fabric, I always double up due to the lightweight nature of the fabric. Bear this in mind when ordering. 

If more than 1 is purchased, it will be cut into separate 50cm x 50cm pieces, not one continuous piece.