Magnetic Needle Minder - Botanical Heart

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Botanical Heart Magnetic Needle Minder

This magnetic enamel needle minder is perfect for your embroidery or needlework projects. Never lose a needle again in the sofa, carpet or car - the strong magnet will hold your needle safe whilst you're working on your project. 


The cute design features a botanical heart, inspired by the Botanical Heart Embroidery Pattern design! The needle minder measures approx. 1" x 1" so is the perfect size to use with any size embroidery project!


So, how does it work?

Simply separate the needle minder from the magnet. Place the magnet on the back of your hooped fabric, and place the needle minder over the top of it. It will hold in place so you can get busy stitching!

The needle minder can also be attached to the hardware of your embroidery stand, making it really versatile and easy to use! It makes the perfect embroidery accessory.