Stick and Stitch Designs E-Book - T-shirt Motifs

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Stick and Stitch Designs E-Book - T-shirt Motifs

We offer pre-packaged Stick and Stitch Packs that can be shipped out to you, with various floral, botanical and motif designs that you can stitch directly onto clothing, and pretty much any other fabric. 

However, do you want to have a go at embroidering onto clothing, but don't know where to start? Maybe you need a bit more insight into embroidering onto clothing, or maybe you'd like more flexibility with the designs you can stitch.

This Stick and Stitch E-Book provides you with a comprehensive guide on embroidering onto clothing, including information for beginners and some common embroidery stitches to use, as well as the PDF/JPeg version of each design element of the T-Shirt Motif Stick and Stitch pack, so that you can print each element of the pack as many times as you like! 

For example, maybe you'd just like to print a tonne of the little bees in different sizes? You can do that with this e-book without having to purchase a pack with every single design in it. The options are endless!

(Do you need the correct stabilizer to print onto? No problem, we stock it here as either 2 or 12 sheets!)

*Please Note: This is a PDF Digital Download that you can download after purchase. You will not receive a physical shipped product by purchasing this pattern.*

Over 24 pages, this E-Book covers:

  • A Guide for Embroidering Clothing
  • What you need to get started
  • Preparing your embroidery hoop
  • How to print the stabilizer and create the stick and stitch patterns
  • How to use the stick and stitch patterns for clothing and more
  • How to start and end your thread when embroidering clothing
  • Instructions (with photographs) of the most common stitches used in our patterns
  • PDF and JPeg files of each design element, so that you can create your own T-Shirt Motif stick and stitch designs as many times as you like!


If there is a certain element of the patterns or printing process that you are struggling with, please do get in touch! I am happy to help!

We would love to see your completed design! Please tag us on Instagram under @MindfulMantra_Embroidery!

These patterns are for personal use only. Please do not sell the patterns or finished pieces, or your own Stick and Stitch packs using these designs.