Stick and Stitch Embroidery Patterns || Sunflowers

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Sunflower Stick and Stitch Patterns

These fun designs are great to cosy up with to create a beautiful piece of art for yourself. Whether you embroider them onto clothing, a bag or something entirely different, the opportunities are endless!

The patterns included within this pack have been created for a beginner with a basic understanding of embroidery. They are pre-transferred, so no drawing or tracing is required, making them perfect for beginners.

The designs are all the same size (roughly 0.5”) and have been designed to either stitch into embroidery hoops, on a tote bag, on clothing, cushions and more. Or, the pack itself can be given as a gift for a fellow creative.


Sunflower Stick and Stitch Pack

  • Each pack contains 28 individual sunflower designs that can be embroidered anywhere, using any colours or stitches that you choose, and basic instructions. 


    If you'd also like the materials to use these, then you can purchase the Full Kit here!

    How to use them:
    In order to use these stick and stitch designs, you need to peel off the backing of the design, stick it onto the desired area of fabric or clothing, and then embroider in your chosen colours. Once finished, wash the pattern away with warm water to leave just your stitching in place.

    Basic instructions on sticking and removing the patches are included.

    Please Note: No colour guide or step by step stitch instructions are included, as these designs were made to be a blank canvas for fun and creative stitching. An illustrated guide to popular stitches can be included for free if you need a refresher. (Please ask me for this, it will not be sent automatically upon purchase)

    *Please Note: These designs are hand-drawn by myself, so they are not perfect and may have slight variations! These Stick and Stitch designs are also for personal use only. Please do not sell the patterns, designs or finished piece made from these designs.*