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How to Improve Stitch Consistency in Hand Embroidery

Whether you are a beginner or advanced embroiderer, you can always elevate your embroidery game by improving your stitch consistency. This is often a challenge that many embroiderers face, and it may in fact be something that you may not even consider!

Perfecting your consistency in stitch length, tension and spacing is one of the ways you can improve your embroidery, in order to achieve a more polished and professional finish.

So, how to master stitch consistency? Let’s dive right in!

Keep on practicing!

Like anything, consistency is developed through practice! If you dedicate regular time to practicing your craft, you’ll naturally pick up a style of stitching that is suited to you.

Whether you’re stitching full patterns of your favourite artists, practicing stitches you’ve already learned or learning completely new ones, stitching regularly will mean that it comes more naturally to you, and you’ll be consistent with your own work.



Find your rhythm.

If I can give you any piece of advice today that you’ll take on board, it’ll be this… do not rush yourself!

The beauty of embroidery is that it’s relaxing, it’s therapeutic, it’s meditative... so why rush it and do it as quick as you can?! The purpose of having a crafty hobby is to enjoy yourself, and you’re more likely to do that if you’re not rushing.

And on that note, when you rush your stitching, you end up applying different pressure when you pull the thread tight through the fabric, and also end up creating irregular stitches.

By taking your time and enjoying the process, you establish a comfortable stitching speed so that you can maintain control over each stitch and the tension you use.


Try out different needles.

You may not think about it, but depending on what needle size you use, you can actually achieve an entirely different result. For instance, if you use a small needle, you can be a lot more precise with the placement of your stitching, which in turn can improve the consistency of your stitching. Also, a smaller needle creates a smaller hole in your fabric than using a bigger needle, which can also help with achieving a finer and more delicate look to your stitches.

Test out different sized needles, as well as different branded needles, with your fabric of choice, and see if you prefer the hold and final look of your stitching.

I personally love these Clover Gold Eye needles!

Do you need to source some high quality branded needles? You can shop them here!

Thread tension.

Finally, maintaining consistent thread tension can also help to achieve balanced and consistent stitches. If your stitches are too loose, your stitching can look messy and even sloppy. But, if you pull them too tight (which is usually the way!), then the thread or fabric can pucker, distorting the fabric and the overall look of the project. This is the hardest to get right when doing a lot of satin stitch!

If you are consistent with your thread tension, your stitches will in turn begin to look more consistent.

The best way to achieve the correct thread tension is by pulling the thread through the fabric really slowly and carefully. If you pull too quickly, it's easy to pull it too tight and end up with ruched and puckered fabric. The goal is for the thread to sit neatly on top of the fabric!


Stitch consistency is definitely a more advanced technique to look into if you are looking to elevate your embroidery game.

Did you know that we cover all sorts of advanced techniques like this over in the Bloom Embroidery Academy?

If you’d like to find out more about the Academy, you can join the waitlist below.

Happy stitching!

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Nancy Weck

I love your embroidery ideas, colors, and your very informative directions. I have just signed up for two academies.. I will have to wait to join your academy until next year. Hopefully< I can keep informed through your blog, instagram or Facebook!

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