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5 Embroidery Projects Anyone Can Make

One of my core motto's in my business is that 'everyone is creative'.

Yup, even you! And honestly friend, I truly do believe that. 

Something I hear so often in this world is "I could never make that, I'm not creative enough", or "I can't sew, so I couldn't embroider".

Now, I don't like to tell people that they're wrong, but sometimes it's necessary!

You don't need to be naturally creative, you don't need to have a background in art or textiles, and you don't even need to be able to sew. (P.S. I couldn't sew on a button if I tried!!)



So, before we dive in to 5 projects anyone can make, whether they're creative or not, let's quickly cover why I think everyone can embroider (and yes, I'm talking to you!)

  • Like anything in life, everything seems difficult when you don't know how to do it. But, once you start and learn the basics, it's actually soo easy to do! Trust me, have a go with one of these projects 😉
  • Creativity all comes down to a pursued interest. By that, I mean, everyone is naturally creative, even when they don't believe that they are. Choosing how to style their home, choosing what colours to wear, cooking meals for their family their taste in music. All of these things require an innate level of creativity! So, by practicing and implementing that creativity in a new way (ahem, embroidery!), it's just another skill that you can practice and improve upon.
  • When we're young, art is absolutely encouraged! We want toddlers and children to draw, to express themselves and be creative. It's also encouraged in schools, being a mandatory subject right through to graduation! Art is necessary, and we can all make art in some form, from music to painting to cooking! Embroidery is no different, and is just another form of art that I truly believe anybody can take up.



And whilst we're on the topic, here's some tips to help you dive in to that creative side!

  • Dedicate small pockets of time to be creative! It doesn't have to be a huge project that takes hours and hours to complete, sometimes just getting started is all we need to do 🥰
  • Start small! One of the reasons people give up and think they're not creative enough is because they start at the finishing line! Start with a small, beginner friendly project first and then work your way up to more complicated projects.
  • The most important tip? Be imperfect! When we focus too much on being good at something, or it being perfect on the first go, then it's easy to beat yourself up and label yourself as 'uncreative'. Give it a go, and even make bad art if you have to! 


At Mindful Mantra Embroidery, it's super important to us that we make embroidery simple and accessible for everybody, no matter their experience in embroidery.

All of our embroidery patterns and kits are 100% suitable for beginners, because they include a full Beginners Guide in addition to the information required to stitch the pattern.

Now that my little pep talk is over, let's jump into 5 of our fave patterns for Beginners!


Floral Initial

We're starting off with a firm favourite, our bestselling Floral Initial pattern!

This embroidery pattern uses only beginner-friendly embroidery stitches, and is the perfect one to get started with. Not to mention, you get the entire alphabet to stitch at your leisure, and trust me when I say that these letters make the most adorable gifts!

Check out the pattern here!


Summer Harvest

Next up is Summer Harvest, a super sweet and simple bouquet! 

Remember what I said earlier about starting small? This pattern is a perfect example of just that! The embroidery pattern uses only 4 colours and 4 stitches, making it one of our most beginner friendly patterns, yet it still looks beautiful and intricate. We've had customers stitch this on cushion covers, tote bags and more!

Check out the pattern here!


Blooming Beauty

Feeling slightly more adventurous? Blooming Beauty is a slightly more complicated embroidery pattern, but is still absolutely achievable for beginners.

Using more stitches and more colours, the Blooming Beauty embroidery pattern is more intricate than Floral Initial and Summer Harvest, but is still 100% do-able for total beginners. Customers in the past have stitched this for their first ever embroidery pattern and have achieved great results!

Check out the pattern here!



Rainbow Meadow

If you want to learn 15 embroidery stitches all in one sitting, then the Rainbow Meadow embroidery pattern is the one for you!

This stitch sampler gives you the chance to practice 15 super common embroidery stitches, and sets you up to be able to take on pretty much any embroidery project afterwards! Not to mention, it uses a bunch of pastel rainbow colours which are perfect to start your thread collection. 

Did we mention this design comes in Full Beginner Embroidery Kits too?

Check out the pattern here!

Or, check out the Beginner Kits here!


Botanical Heart

Lastly, the botanical heart embroidery pattern.


This embroidery pattern uses only 3 embroidery stitches, making it a perfect beginner project for any aspiring embroiderer! 

Check out the pattern here, and the matching needle minder here.


That's a wrap on our 5 fave beginner friendly projects! Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below this post!


And pssssttt... would you love to learn embroidery, but would prefer a little more guidance? At Bloom Embroidery Academy, we teach you to embroider the easy way! With step by step tutorials and patterns and a fun community of other stitchers, learning a new hobby has never been easier.

Find out more at or pop in your email below to be added to the waitlist!

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