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Gifting Stitching: How to Embroider the Perfect Gifts

If you ask me, gift-giving is an art itself. Some people are great at it, and others (ahem, me) really struggle to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. But I do know for sure that receiving a gift is wonderful, and often my most cherished gifts from others are those that carry a personal touch.

When it comes to creating a handmade gift for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or baby shower, few crafts are as versatile yet meaningful as embroidery. You can embroider pretty much anything, and even turn ordinary items into little keepsakes that will be received with gratitude!

So, what can you embroider? Let’s get right to it!


Monogrammed Gifts:

Starting with a good ol’ classic, the monogram. Pretty much anything you personalise is usually with somebody’s initial, because it adds that personal touch in such a timeless way. Whether you add an initial to a tote bag or canvas makeup bag, or a t-shirt, or even just a hooped initial like this one, you’d be making a gift that would be super well-received.

Our Floral Initial embroidery pattern has been used by thousands of people (yep, thousands!) to create beautiful gifts to be given all around the world. You can change up the colours to take account of your favourite colours, making the pattern even more personal.


Embroidered Clothing:

Customising clothing and accessories with embroidery is the perfect gift, because it’s something that can be worn that is totally unique. You could embroider a denim jacket, or a pair of canvas shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, and so much more!

The possibilities are endless with clothing, and you can tailor the design you embroider to the person’s interests that you’re gifting for. Maybe you could put their favourite sports’ team’s logo on a t-shirt, or some gorgeous florals on a denim jacket.

Bonus Tip: Fabri-Solvy stick and stitch is perfect for adding embroidery to your clothing! We have pre-drawn designs for you to get started right away, or plain sheets so you can create your own designs!

Embroidered Home Décor:

Maybe your gift-receiver loves all things home? An embroidery hoop is a great way to exude a bit of personality into any living space through a bit of wall decor! Maybe you could embroider their favourite quote or song lyrics, something they love like bees or butterflies, or some florals that match their colour scheme.

Or if you’d prefer to give something other than a finished hoop, you could also embroider a pillow case, a tea towel, or a linen apron for whilst they cook or bake. Truly, the options are endless, and they can be totally tailored to the person you’re gifting to!

Celebratory Embroidery:

Another great way to gift some embroidery is to celebrate a special occasion! Whether a baby is welcomed, an anniversary is shared, or a wedding is celebrated, a beautifully embroidered keepsake is a lovely way to commemorate the ones you love.

I personally love to create hoops for friends’ new babies, and personalise it with details of their birth name, date and weight to act as a keepsake for them and their little ones.

Alternatively, our Floral and Botanical Numbers sets are a great way to mark an anniversary, or to use as baby milestone cards.

Gifts like this are so meaningful, and will be treasured for years to come.

The gift of Creating!

Lastly, if your recipient is the creative type, you could always consider gifting an embroidery kit! This can be a super thoughtful way to introduce them into a new craft, or give them the opportunity to try their hand at something creative.

Incorporating your embroidery into gift-giving not only adds the personal touch, but it also shows that you’ve been thoughtful about the gift you’ve given them! I just know it would be a gift that is treasured for years to come.

If you’re thinking of giving it a go, here are my best tips for making your own handmade embroidered gifts:

1. Plan ahead and start early!

When creating any type of handmade gift, it’s important to plan your project well in advance so that you don’t run out of time. That is definitely the case for embroidery, which is a time consuming craft at the best of times!

Starting early allows you to take your time with it and not have to rush, which can avoid that last minute rushed panic when you’re seeing them tomorrow and you still haven’t finished their gift yet! (I know, we’ve all been there!!)

Being organised with your materials and your time will mean that you can actually enjoy the stitching process, and produce a beautiful gift that you’re proud of!

2. Choose high quality materials

I will always recommend using high quality embroidery materials, because it just makes the process even more enjoyable. But investing in the best materials is even more important when you’re giving it as a gift! It helps to ensure that your project looks stunning, but also stands the test of time.

Opt for premium embroidery thread (I recommend DMC), good quality embroidery hoops (I personally love Elbesee), and the correct fabric (100% cotton or linen works best!) Quality materials can make such a difference in the end result, so it’s worth that extra bit of investment!

3. Embrace any imperfections!

Remember, handmade gifts are more cherished not only for the stunning work that you can create, but also for the love and thoughtfulness that goes into creating them. Embrace the imperfections, pour your heart into the project, and know that your handmade gift will be treasured even if it’s not absolutely perfect.

Side note: they never actually are! I’ve always believed in ‘practice makes progress’ because perfection is just meh. What’s imperfect to you will be perfect to somebody else, so be kind to yourself and get gifting your handmade creations!

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